CEO Name YongHo Choi
Telephone ☎ +82-2-334-4877
Fax ☎ +82-2-6280-2261
Address 102, 46-8, Yeonnam-ro 3-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul 121-869, Rep. of KOREA
Selling Category [K_260201020000] Diaries or Refills


Eeden Design is 'warm.'
With an emotional and analog design, we create products that can bring smiles to modern people weary from everyday lives.

Eeden Design is 'simple.'
Design is simple yet beautiful, beautiful yet practical. We receive rave reviews due to our focus on practicality with a simple design that avoids unnecessary embellishment.

Eeden Design is 'delicate.'
To improve the design's completeness and usability, we carefully check even the smallest detail and insist on our commitment to quality.

Eeden Design 'thinks about environment.'
We endeavor to minimize the unnecessary waste of resources in the production process. We make products using recycled paper in order to save resources as much as possible.

Eeden Design is 'honest.'
Rather than increase profit, we strive to stick to basic principles by making reasonable products on the principle of honesty.

We cherish the values that we must protect.
Through voluntary social activities and donations, we coexist with society.

"Eeden" is a pure Korean word that means 'good-natured and wise,' and 'multi-talented.'